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OGTA Demand Road Tax Exemption & a Delegation Meet Padmanabha Behera, GoO.

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OGTA Demand Road Tax Exemption & a Delegation Meet Padmanabha behera, Minister GoO

Bhubaneswar: Odisha goods transport Association delegation met which Shri Padmanabha behera (Honorable minister of transport and commerce, Government of Odisha) with their suggestions on the hardships and pain caused by the current covid-19 lockdown .

It is to be noted that lockdown situation has brought misery and crippled the transport industry. The five main. Suggestion given by the officials of OGTA were:

1) road tax exemption ,2)relief in toll tax,,3)extension of vehicle documents till September 2020,

4) end to harassment by banks and nbfc 5) relief from penalty provisions and VCR.

The suggetions were well taken by the minister and told the OGTA delegation that he would closely look into the issues of Truckers and transporters in Odisha.

OGTA was represented by Shri Pradeep Kumar prusty (president) Suri Manoj Sharma (vice president) Shri Ram Murti Tiwari (secretary) and Prasanna Kumar Das (treasurer). Shri Nand Lal ji Singh of Bjd Apravasi samukhiya was also present in the meeting .

It is important to note that Naveen Patnaik government has been sympathetic  to bus owners alike therefore issues n to Truckers in Odisha is also being looked after closely by the CM, Odisha.

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