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Workers are corrupting the atmosphere! GS-Ganesh Prasad Kandoi

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Workers are corrupting the atmosphere! GS-Ganesh Prasad Kandoi

Sudhakar Kumar Shahi, ( Spl.Correspondent)
Cuttack : The Steering Committee has taken a tough stand regarding the arbitrariness of workers in Shri Gopal Krishna Goshala.  The Steering Committee has accused the workers of being arbitrary and spoiling the work culture and also said that the salary of the workers who did not submit the identity card will be withheld.
It is alleged that these workers are corrupting the atmosphere of the Goshala by showing fear of police picket and labor law.  In the press conference held at Kandoi House in Mathsahi Chauliaganj. The problem was encountered in the operation of Shri Gopal Krishna Goshala.  It was told that some people of Goshala do not work for Goshala despite taking salary.
Despite repeated requests from general secretary of Goshala, Ganesh Prasad Kandoi, identity card was not provided by the all members.  Kandoi told that there is a group of 57 people.  In this, 32 people have expressed a desire to work.  The other 25 people, despite taking salary, do not work for Gaushala and work outside.  Taking objection to this, Goshala general secretary Kandoi said that all of you should submit your identity card in Gaushala office.  Despite repeated sayings, these 25 members did not submit their identity cards.  At the same time, they are corrupting the atmosphere of the cowshed by showing fear of picketing, police complaints, labor laws.
 The General Secretary Gausala Mr.Kandoe told that  above  25 people are taking ₹ 270 rupees per day by Gaushala.  Yet these 25 people do not work for the cowshed.  They work outside the cowshed. For this people,  room, water electricity  system have been made free of cost for these people from Gaushala.  Despite of all these people are not able to cooperate in any kind of amicable environment towards Gaushala, due to which all the members of Gaushala are getting distracted by this environment.  Goshala general secretary Kandoi told that there is no such attempt by all of us that anyone should suffer from our system.
All this problem is being created by them only.  He has told that the Gaushala has an income of Rs. 12,00,000 per month, while Rs. 23 lakh is spent per month.  He told that Goshala is being operated properly with the help of some special members of the society.  Ganesh Prasad Kandoi said that in this group of 25 people, some people are over 60 years of age, due to which we cannot request for work, because people above 60 years are not employed under labour rules.   For this reason, members of this group of 25 people are unable to submit identity cards.  This group had lodged their complaints at places like police, labour commissioner etc.
Despite of all this, the government and all government officials have decided in favor of Goshala and said that Goshala is a religious ritual.  No pressure will be tolerated here.  The main purpose of this institution is to Goseva in the Goshala.  There is no scope for any kind of politics or pressure here.  Pressure is being made by this expected group to follow many conditions, which is not possible for this religious institution.  Other members of the Goshala were also present at this press conference, mainly Arun Das, general manager of Kandoi Transport are providing a details and manage the today program.

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