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Firing by the Nepal border guards, one indian killed.

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Firing by the Nepal border guards, one indian killed.

New Delhi, June 13: There is a mystery surrounding the firing by the Nepal border guards in which one Indian national was killed.

The Sahastra Seema Bal (SSB), which mans the border on the Indian side said that the issue was a completely local one. This emerged out of a local altercation, India has maintained.

A factual report has been formed on the basis of the preliminary findings and the same has been submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Director General of the SSB, Rajesh Chandra said that this is a completely local issue, which emerged from a local altercation. It was not brewing for long, but just instantly emerged, he further added.

The incident took place on the Nepal side of the border near Sitamrhi in Bihar at around 8.40 am. A family on the Indian side of the border were going to Nepal as the daughter in law was there. On the Nepal side, security personnel stopped them and asked them to go back.

This triggered a verbal altercation, Chandra further said. He also said that Nepal security personnel fired around 15 rounds of which 10 were in the air. Five rounds were fired parallel to the ground and this hit four civilians and one of them died, he also said. The deceased has been identified as Vikesh Yadav, aged 22. The security personnel also arrested one Lagen Yadav.

The incident was a result of misunderstanding said SSB IG, Patna Frontier, Sanjay Kumar.

The Nepal security personnel had objected to the daughter in law meeting with those from the Indian side. This led to an altercation and a crowd of around 80 gathered from the Indian side, Kumar also said.

On the other hand, Nepal’s security forces said that the first rounds of firing were done in the air in order to disperse the crowd. They however feared snatching of their weapons and hence fired parallel to the ground.



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