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Every teeth of an elephant is unseen!!!

By August 19, 2020One Comment


A very authentic line said by ‘William Shakespeare’ , a great poet ,”world is a stage, life is a drama, God is the director and we are the actors”…

Sonia Choquette quote: Life is always full of drama and challenges ...


CUTTACK: In every situation of our life ,we have created a tragic circumstances. Between the duration of our lifestyle we are always unsatisfied in those situations in which we may not be interested. People working in every designations are assigned according to their educational qualifications but not according to their intellectual humanity skills. A group discussion, debate competition, candle March, rally,social media cannot change the community or country.

It is very attractive to hear, ” a single change can create a great change but if the change is only being done to impress or show , then the change is known as science model in this era. Every changes create a response of different group, but these response are just done tea stalls. In many moments of our life we meet different groups of people where they show something and conditionally they are a kind. Being a successful person never matters with qualifications or designations. A person requires his or her potential and calibre to accomplish the goal.

Likewise, not all human belong to the same track. Everyone has a different knowledge with a different position. If they all transfer on a same track with same skills , the entire world becomes a winner. No comparisons, No competitions, No awards , No satisfaction and hence No race in life.
A medium creates visuality and our decisions determine our destiny. The biggest example is that “a sacred place or a temple is a medium and our faith on God is the visuality which motivates us”.
Our necessity and our demand stops adjustment in life and with life.
Therefore, be kind to yourself and start living your significant life because happiness is a lifestyle not a fortune…

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