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World Hindi Day celebrated at CUO

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Central University of Odisha Celebrates World Hindi Day

Nishapati Nayak (Reporter)

Koraput :   Central University of Odisha celebrated “World Hindi Day” at its campus with lot of jest and vigour in the presence of the students, research scholars, administrative and academic staff today. Prof. I Ramabrahmam, Vice-Chancellor of the University conveyed his best wishes on the occasion of World Hindi Day. In his message Prof. Ramabrahmam mentioned about the importance of the Hindi language in the national and international arena. He congratulated the University community for organising successful programme.

The celebration of the day has been graced with a special lecture on the topic “Rastriya aur Antarrastriya Paripreksh mein Hindi ka Mahatwa” by the eminent scholar, erudite learner, and creative writer Professor Alok Pandey, Professor of Hindi, University of Hyderabad as the Chief Guest. Prof. Asit Kumar Das Registrar of the University presided over the programme and delivered the presidential address. Shri Sanjeet Kumar Das, HoD I/c. Dept. of Hindi gave the inaugural address.
Prof. Pandey enthralled the audience with his elevated lecture. The essence of his lecture lies in interrelation between revival of Hindi and the quality of education and research in India.

Beginning with the meaning of ‘Bharat’ (‘Bha’ means search and ‘rat’ means people who are busy doing something) he stated that this country was once the treasure-house of riches like knowledge and wealth both which attracted plunderers and invaders from far-off countries. But now the same country is lagging behind in every field like research, science, and technology. The reason which he found responsible for the degradation is nothing but the imposing an unfamiliar language like English on the students as the medium of instruction. The process of thought is inseparably linked with language and therefore, a student cannot think something innovative in an alien language. Moreover, Hindi gives people a common platform across the country for communication. Stating the opportunities Hindi brings for someone, he said that it enhances the scope of getting a job as a person can survive anywhere in India if he knows Hindi. Apart from pointing out the requirements of Hindi to be recognized as an associate language at national level, he also mentioned how it found its place in countries like US where most of the migrated people, belonging to South Asia, love to identify themselves as Indian. Analyzing this strange habit of people there, Prof. Pandey observed that it is solely because the name ‘India’ earns them respect and social status in the eyes of the others. In a country like US where the biggest amalgamation of different cultures happened, people need an identity to exist and being ‘Indian’ gives them their desired identity. Not only that but also Hindi as a language is recognized as a parameter of India’s identity and therefore people from not only other countries but also from other Non-Hindi belts of India show a great appetite to learn Hindi. For the foreigners, the reason behind learning Hindi varies from person to person among whom some are willing to study Indian culture while residing in India, and some other look for the commercial affairs. Thus he, with his strong argument, opined that Hindi must be recognized, learnt, and practiced, established the utmost importance of Hindi.

The Registrar and president of Rajabhasa Samiti of the Varsity, Prof. Asit Kumar Das expressed his views on the importance of one’s own regional language and Hindi side by side in his presidential address. All the languages should be equally focused upon. The language is like a window to the rest of the world.

The HoD I/C of the Department of Hindi, Sanjeet Kumar Das delivered the inaugural address and opined that any language finds its existence in a society through several processes like selection, codification, acceptance, and elaboration.

The programme has been ended with a good number of questions and its answers from the Chief Guest. Dr. Soumya Ranjan Dash, a faculty of Department of Hindi concluded the programme with vote of thanks. Along with students, faculty and staff Dr. Alok Baral, HoD I/c, Dept. of Odia Language and literature and Dr. Phagunath Bhoi, Public Relation Officer were present on the occasion.

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