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Thanos was being used by Doctor Strange to kill Iron Man suggests new Marvel theory

By January 5, 2020No Comments


A new theory throws some negative light on one of our favourite Avengers — Doctor Strange

Avengers: Endgame may have wrapped up the fate of Thanos and several other OG characters but Marvel fans have not given up connecting the dots to the complex tapestry that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A new fan theory making rounds on the internet is garnering quite the attention online as it throws some negative light on one of our favourite Avengers — Doctor Strange.

The theory circulating on Reddit is of the belief that the ultimate snap by Tony Stark aka Iron Man was nothing but a plot by the Steven Strange to not just eliminate Thanos but also Stark, Vision, Hulk, Thor as well as the Infinity Stones.

The Marvel fan and Reddit user provided six reasons to back his theory with the first being the mega-villain being capable of destroying civilizations even while not being in possession of the Infinity Stones.

He then argues that almost all the problems that the Avengers face had been directly or indirectly caused by none other than Tony Stark, which is why Doctor Strange found him to be untrustworthy. And especially after he devises commodified time-travel, there is good reason to believe that with that power he could very possibly cause future destruction as well.

As far as Vision is concerned, his weakness comes in the form of him being neither human nor machine but an incorporated mind of Ultron which boasts of a firm penchant for complete and absolute extermination.

While Hulk remains alive and is termed a ‘loose cannon’ by the theory, it was further argued that his smart and thinking version in the future would be cause to more danger.

On the other hand, while Thor turns down the crown to become the protector of all Nine Realms, he is counted in the theory as someone unable to fulfill obligations to his own planet which is why it is unlikely that he may be able to guard the rest of the worlds.

Apart from that, Infinity Stones and their destruction come as no-brainer as the limitless power they come with can bend reality and put it in danger.

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