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Tarik pe Tarik – Nirbhaya’s Murder case

By January 16, 2020No Comments


New Delhi: The hanging date of Nirbhaya’s culprits is expected to be postponed. A convict Mukesh filed an application in the Patiala House Court after the Delhi High Court dismissed his plea for hanging. During the trial today, the convict’s lawyer told that Mukesh’s mercy petition is pending, according to the jail manual, he should not be hanged on January 22.

On this, the court has asked the Tihar administration to submit a detailed report, including Rule No. 840 and 863 of the jail manual. The jail administration has agreed to present this report by Friday.

During this, the court said that it has come to its notice that the Tihar administration has written a letter to the government to defer the execution of the convicts by asking for the mercy petition to be filed and demanded a new date. 

Explain that at the beginning of the hearing of the case, Amicus Currie (justice friend) Vrinda Grover said that two cases have come up in this case – one of Mukesh’s curative petition has been dismissed and the other, mercy petition has been filed. Grover also said that Mukesh’s mercy petition is pending with the President.

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