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Omicron Symptoms List: These Are The 2 Most Reported Symptoms in Omicron Patients

With the increase in omicron cases, a new variant of Covid-19, people should be cautious and should avoid stepping out unless it is absolutely necessary. Unlike the delta variant that majorly had an impact on the lungs, omicron comes with its own set of symptoms. However, the difference in symptoms between omicron and other variants can be seen. As per the report in The Sun, the two major omicron symptoms are running nose and headache.

According to Irene Peterson, Professor of Epidemiology and Health Informatics at University College London, runny nose and headache are symptoms of many infections, but they can also be symptoms of corona or Omicron. Hence, it is advised to go and get tested for Covid-19 if the symptoms persist.

According to professor Peterson, there are about 20 symptoms of omicron that have been reported. Running nose and headache are the most prominent ones. If you do not feel any of the mentioned symptoms, then you are completely safe. The study also talked about five other symptoms that are runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing and sore throat.

Along with this, there are 20 other symptoms that can detect if you have an omicron variant covid. The symptoms include a hoarse voice, chills or shivering, sweating, dizziness, skipping meals and feeling tired.

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