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‘Free’ Vaccination In Private Hospitals in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Odisha on Saturday issued guidelines for private hospitals for Covid-19 vaccination for 18-44 years age group.

In a notification, the State Health and Family Welfare department has approved to set up government sponsored vaccination centers in private hospitals.

The private hospitals shall be used as an extension of government CVC for vaccination of 18-44 years age group only. Vaccine shall be supplied to private hospitals free of cost and they shall be allowed to collect up to Rs 100 per dose from vaccines as service charge, the notification read.

Below are the guidance note for vaccination of 18 to 44 age group in private hospital under State Govt. vaccine procurement:

1. The COVID-19 vaccination for 18-44 years can be expanded in Private Health facilities as an extension of Govt Vaccination Center with due approval of District Task Force Committee.

2. The Hospitals should have the eligibility criteria required for decimator as CVC.

3. Registration of all hospitals in the CoVVIN Portal is mandatory and they have to be registered as Govt. COVID Vaccination Centre through ADPHO (FW)/ADUPHO/ District admin as assigned.

4. The name of the COVID Vaccination Centre should be given as “Govt. COVID Vaccination Centre in  Hospital.”

5. The session scheduling in CoVVIN portal is to be done by the site manager of the CVC as per norm for 18-44 years. Proper orientation must be given to all site managers for advanced scheduling and daily reporting. Training is also to be given to vaccination team for vaccination and AEFI management/reporting

6. IEC material i.e. Sun boards on COVID-19 vaccination should be displayed at the entrance & also in the observation room IEC Post card should be distributed to the 1′ dose beneficiaries after vaccination & shall be requested to bring the same while coming for 20 dose vaccination.

7. Undertaking is to be submitted by Private Hospitals. where Govt. CVC will be set up to the effect that, once they procure vaccines directly from the Manufacturer. State Govt supply will be withdrawn immediately.

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