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Free Clinic open at Marwadi hindi school in Cuttack-CMS

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Free Clinic open at Marwadi hindi school in Cuttack-CMC

Cuttack: Charitable  Allopathic Dispensary had been inaugurated by Dr. D.C.Nath, MBBS.MD, at Marwari Hindi Vidyalaya Premises, Balu bazar, Cuttack.  It will be open from 8.30A.m. to 10.30A.m. Except Tuesday and Friday.

The free medical service will be provided  from 1 st December 2020,  No fee will be charge from patient for consulting doctors, and free genetic medicine will also be provided to the patient. very soon second and third shift will also be open for the general public in the evening, After few days CMS will also provide testing of blood,sugar, urine, and other testing services with tie up with leading diagnostic centre in cuttack, wth very nominal charges. as intimated to the media by cuttack marwari samaj.

Through a notice  is to inform to general public that very soon CMS is going to provide medical services by Ayurvedic and naturopathy, in their dispensary, at present CDA-6, and Firingi Bazar, both the dispensary is running well and providing service to the general public at a large in the silver city.


President of CMS & Raman Bagadia , Secretary, with Team KISHAN Modi, along with their associates members were present in this inaugural function.

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