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Women decorated Teej – Sindhara festival colors  Matrishakti Cuttack with Marwari Society “

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Women decorated Teej – Sindhara festival colors  Matrishakti Cuttack with Marwari Society “

 Matrishakti Cuttack by Marwari Society

 Headed by Mrs. Sampathi Moda

 On the occasion of Hariyali Teej, among all the committee members of Cuttack and the women of Cuttack, there were sixteen Shringars, as well as on the melodious song of Sindhara Queen, Saavan, come on-line competition, the mother power of every constituent of Cuttack was very enthusiastic.  While showing his talent, he participated, a total of 4 people participated, all the sisters attended the family and they made a big difference. They said, Matri Shakti Cuttack. Marwari Society gave us the feeling of being together as soon as we sat at home and the festival of Sarangi festival.  Made it memorable, all the participants expressed their happiness saying that we have enjoyed it very well because of you people.
 Rashmi Mittal and Ritu Agarwal, Alka Singhi, fully supported the festival organizers mainly in organizing the Sindhara festival
 And Renu Garg, Manju Sipani and Jyoti Khandelwal also supported.  Matrusakti’s co-ordinator and strong poles Neelam Saha, Sangeeta Karanani, and Alka Singhi have full support from body, mind and wealth in every task organized by Matrisakti’s.  Usha Dhanawat, Senior Advisor of Matri Shakti
 The guidance of the person is always available.
 While announcing the results of the program, Chairman Sampathi Moda said that based on the unique confluence of art and beauty, Hariyali Teej Sawan Sindhara Sawan Participant Results: –
  •  Sindhara Hariyali Queen: -Canchan Agarwal
  •   Ladies Beauty Dance: -Kumkum Swati Malu,
  •  Meenakshi Goenka, Sunita Aggarwal,
  •  Sindhara Saj Dak Ke (Singar): – Sarala Singhi
  •  Nivedita Jain
  •  Beauty in simplicity itself: – Sandhya Agarwal
  •  Little Sindhara Dance Queen: – Shruti Agarwal,
  •  Vaishnavi Rajgarhia, Sinan Kiara Aggarwal
  •  Amazing rocking took place: – Asha Patodia family, Sabita Singhi with her husband
  •  Congratulations to the cutest princess Naisha Aggarwal.
 Some contestants have their mind: – Swati Malu – I sincerely thank the entire team and property sister-in-law of the mother power that you guys have organized such a good online work order.
 Nivedita Jain –
 Who organized this from Sindhara
 Your purpose has been fulfilled
 Home full of joy
 We celebrated with Sindhara Matra Shakti
 Kanchan Agarwal: – You have given life in lock down in this entire Teej festival, like you
 My best regards to the great social worker and motherhood.
 Asha Patodia: – We have enjoyed the family well, thanks to all the sisters of the mother power.
 Sarala Singhi –  Thanks a lot for the title from this beloved.  The biggest gift is these cute lines that are written and sent with the picture.  Many congratulations to all those who participated in this competition, and thanks so much to all the members involved for organizing such a beautiful competition, and for working so hard.
 Anita Kamani – Matri Shakti is always organizing such a new way of attracting festivities online, Sampathi Moda Thank you for your innovative program, we had a great entertainment with our son Bahu.
 Matrashakti Cuttack thanked everyone who participated in this Sindhara festival.

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