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Trump said – we did a good job otherwise the death toll could reach 2.2 million in America

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Trump said – we did a good job otherwise the death toll could reach 2.2 million in America

US President Trump held a press briefing on Sunday. According to the news website axios, Trump said the death rate could have reached 2.2 million without social distancing due to the corono virus which did not happen. It indicates that “We all have done a great job when the number of infected is limited from 100,000 to 200,000. He said that the corona virus may have the highest mortality rate in the next two weeks in the US. Given this apprehension He has extended the period of Corona virus and other guidelines, including social distance making, to 30 April.

He said that the US would recover from the crisis by June 1, assuring the countrymen that Trump told reporters that the two top public health advisors and members of the White House workforce on corona virus – Dr. Deborah Bix and Dr. Anthony Fossey On the basis of this, they will have to extend the duration of distance related measures from social gathering till 30 April.

“They say that the preventive measures we are implementing can drastically reduce the number of new cases of infection and untimely deaths,” Trump said in his second Rose Garden press conference on the corona virus. He said, ‘I want the people of America to know that your selfless and courageous efforts are saving many lives in the country. You are bringing change. Estimates indicate that the death rate will rise to a high in two weeks. ‘

He said that new guidelines regarding social distance will be announced on April 1. “We can hope that we will overcome this crisis by June 1,” Trump said. Let us know that till Sunday night, America was the most affected by the outbreak of this virus. So far, more than 142,000 cases have been reported in the US while more than 2400 deaths have occurred. Talking about India, the number of people infected with the corona virus rose to over 1000 on Sunday and the number of people who died due to this virus increased to 27.

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