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Sudhakar Kumar Shahi ,. Spl Correspondent, Cuttack

Cuttack: Sheed Bhavan will be witness the swearing ceremony of the newly elected president.

executive chairman Vijay Khandelwal will be participate in this program.

Raman Bagadia will be Chief Advisor to the president and Kailash Prasad Sanganeria will be PRO cum Media in charge.T

Theswearing-in ceremony of the Cuttack Marwari Samaj will be held on 27 January at the Shaheed Bhavan. During this time, the Election Committee will take over the responsibility of the forum and the Executive Chairman Vijay Khandelwal will participate in this program. Sources said that at the oath ceremony.

Newly elected President Kishan Modi will take oath with the chant. According to sources, Hemant Agarwal will be the General Secretary, while Suresh Bharalewala will take over the post of treasurer. The organizing secretary will be Deepak Kazaria.
Raman Bagadia will be the chief advisor to the president and

  • Kailash Prasad Sanganeria will take charge of the media in-charge of the president. Kishan Modi’s team will have 11 Vice Presidents, 11 Joint Secretary. The cell of women power and Tarun Manch will be formed soon. Along with this, there will be 11 committees and a board of 35 consultants.
    The 11-member core committee has decided all this. All components of Modi’s team will get a chance to be represented. Sources said that Kishan Modi’s team will not be hated by anyone. This team will work with society.

By adding a few words to the old slogan, the team will carry forward the work of social service with the faith of everyone – development of society. Sources said that we will proceed with the mantra of everyone’s partnership and everyone’s participation.

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