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 Overusing Hand Sanitizer Amid Corona Pandemic is Harmful; Says Union Health Ministry.

The Union Health Ministry has issued warning for using hand sanitizer. The number of COVID patient is increasing every single day in India. The Union government and the State governments have given several advisories to the people. They have requested people to stay at home, wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer. Besides, people have been requested to maintain social distancing and wear masks when going outside in emergency cases. However, another piece of advice has been given the Union Health Ministry. It has warned that over usage of hand sanitizer could be harmful.

“These are unprecedented times; no one thought that a virus outbreak, of this nature, will occur. Use masks to protect yourself, drink hot water frequently & wash hands rigorously. Don’t overuse sanitizers,” said Dr RK Verma, Additional Director-General of Health Services, Ministry of Health.

Earlier too, many health specialists had said that excess use of sanitizer could kill the bacteria which keeps the skins of our palms healthy. Besides, they had advised to avoid using hand sanitizers and wash hands with soaps when you are at home.

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