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Olive Ridley turtles mate at Rushikulya

By January 10, 2020No Comments


The ‘large crowd mating’ of Olive Ridley turtles on the Odisha coast

This January, “large crowd mating” of Olive Ridley turtles can be spotted near the Rushikulya rookery on the Odisha coast. This has increased hopes for mass nesting at this coast later this year. In February, a 5-km stretch will be fenced to protect nests and eggs. The Forest Department has 11 camps from Purunabandha to Prayagi to document conditions, protect the beach, and stop entry of predators.

The Rushikulya rookery is a major mass nesting site for Olive Ridley turtles on the Indian coast. The sea near this coast is regularly patrolled by two trawlers, two speedboats and a country boat to prevent harm to Olive Ridleys from illegal fishing trawlers. In 2019, mass nesting of the marine reptiles did not occur. However there was double mass nesting at this coast, in February and April of 2018, with over 4,73,000 nests totally.

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