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Odissi dance performance at international level by Soor Mandir students

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Sudhakar kumar Shahi (spl.correspondent)

Odissi dance performance at international level by Soor Mandir students

Cuttack: The students of Soor Mandir, one of the most popular Odissi Dance Institute of Cuttack were sent on a cultural tour by ICCR, government of India.

This group of 6 members led by Ms Jyotsna Rani Sahoo (founder & CEO of the Institute) has finally returned from the tour. They performed our ancient Indian classical dance, Odissi at different places have brought pride & glory to our country.
They even conducted workshops where the art lovers were provided a glimpse of our Odissi culture & mentored by the team to learn this classical form on the music of nature i.e movement of animals & bird’s through odissi dance.

They performed at Trinidad & Tobago, El Salvador, Santa Lucia , Santa Ana ,, Honduras, San Fernando, Guatemala . They put up their show in National Academy of Performing Arts, Indian Food Festival, National Theatre, ITEC Day Celebration , Central American Technological University etc.
Merciditas Agircia Dance School, National Company of Dance & Ballet etc. were some of the places where workshops were conducted by Ms Jyotsna Rani Sahoo to publicize the traditional dance form of Odissi.
Team Members:
Ms. Jyotsna Rani Sahoo
Sonali Das
Rajeswari Moharana
Goutam Kumar Ray
Dipankar Nayak
Himalaya Prusty ( light designer)

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