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Letter of appreciation to Dr.Abhaya Ranjan Patnaik- Cuttack

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Letter of appreciation for Dr.Abhaya Ranjan Pattnaik ( Social worker)


Sudhakar kumar Shahi (spl.correspondent)

Cuttack: In my quest for enhancing brotherhood, ensuring peace & harmony is always the first order of the day. Continuing my recent spree of being recognized for lending a hand to the helpless , bringing about a ray of hope, wiping out a drop of tear and bringing about a smile, I am extremely thankful to the District Adminstration, to Shri Srikanta Parija Sir, Shri Ashok Kumar Sarangi and Sri Manabes Roy for enabling me to get recognized. I also offer my heartfelt thanks to all my friends whose love and support has gone a long way for obtaining this achievement.
Expecting all yours support all my life.

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