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Education 4.0The Future Education

By July 30, 2020No Comments


Education 4.0The Future Education

Written by-Dr Biswa Mohana Jena,( BNN)

SAMBALPUR: Education 4.0 is a new system of learning which is related to fourth industrial revolution. The
industrial revolution consists of smart technology, artificial intelligence and robotics. This
type of revolution has a larger impact on the society. students should be taught through their
curriculum and utilization of technology to maximum capacity. as the industry is changing all
its manual process to technology pursuit so the world is also changing rapidly and things like
Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data have an important role to play for job
opportunities. Due to this corona pandemic it has increased the scope and no manual work is
been replaced by technology driven work , which is the lime light of 21 st century ,Industry 4.0
will not only affect industries but also transform the jobs and education which in turn has
given rise to education 4.0.The roles of students and teacher will change in this platform.
Each and every educational institution will require to work on technology learning system
and upgrade their skills and knowledge for betterment of the society as a whole.
The Education 4.0 focuses on common goal to transform both primary and secondary
education system for G-next children’s and students. It has the following impacts
 Develop a global network for shifting from offline to online mode of learning
 Design a model for upgradation of knowledge and skills among the key stakeholders
 To provide emphasis on the scope of new policy towards Education 4.0
 To Build, connect, collaborate and adopt the learning community system across the world.

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