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Covid 19 violated under the nose of Koraput District Administration

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Covid 19 violated under the nose of Koraput District Administration during Shravan month this last Monday.

Nishapati Nayak (BNN)

KORAPUT: The Odisha government on announced a ban on “Kanwar Yatra” by devotees of Lord Shiva during Shravan month this year, amid the rising number of novel coronavirus cases in the state.
In view of the pandemic, the state government has decided not to allow ‘Kanwariyas’ or ‘Bol Bam’ devotees (disciples of Lord Shiva) to collect water from rivers, ponds and other water bodies and offer prayer at different Shiva temples on every Monday during Shravan month starting from July 6, Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) P K Jena said.
The Kanwar Yatra is an annual pilgrimage of Shiva’s followers to pilgrimage sites including the temples of lord shiva in Koraput even rest of Odisha.
Today at last Monday they travel on foot in groups for kilometres chanting ‘bol bam’, singing bhajans and dancing to bring holy water for the deity.
“In order to prevent congregation, Kanwariyas or Bol Bum devotees are not allowed to carry water from any source and walk on any public road in order to offer it to the deity at any temple during the month of Shravan this time, which has violated under the nose of Koraput District administration at Dudhari G. P.
The  believers normally start collecting water from early morning  onwards and embark upon long journeys in groups to offer the holy water at Shiva shrines on this Monday under Dudhari G. P of pottangi constituency under Koraput district.  The ban on the yatra is aimed at preventing public gathering.
According to the guidelines laid down by the state government, all the religious sites and places of worship, including temples, are shut in the state and devotees are not allowed to visit them till July 31.
Similarly, all forms of religious, cultural, political and spiritual gatherings are not permitted in Odisha till the end of this month as per covid guidelines.
Following the government’s decision, the people are requested to strictly adhere to the order and refrain from collecting water and undertaking travel to Shiva temples durings Shravan this year as a precautionary measure as ordered by notification.
We believe that everyone will cooperate with the administration in this regard hoped intellectual and devotees of different religions.
Similarly, the district administrations are also required to take concrete steps to enforce the order and ensure that no ‘Bol Bam yatra’ takes place this time as per government notification.
The government’s decision to prohibit the yatra comes as the public health crisis continues to mount alarmingly not only in the state but also across the country.
Apart from this while ground reporting it has been observed 100 of bolbom devotees took part today starting from Semiliguda, pakajhola,nuaput, rajnaguda, coffee plantation road, sundiput ended at Dudhari shiva temple near to dhudhari picnic spot.This is under Semiliguda police station.
Devotess both males and females with different age groups observed with no mask, sanitizer even zero social distance, triple riding also observed. This is a threat to tribal place like Koraput during this Covid pendamic.
Koraput so far a total of 14066 samples were collected in Koraput district and sent for testing. Of these, 13312 were reported. Of these, 482 were positive, while all other reports were negative. Of the 482 people infected with the virus, 229 have recovered and returned home. source :District Information and Public Relations Officer, Koraput.

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