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CMS distribute 2000 food package to hungry people in the city.

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CMS distribute 2000 food package to hungry people in the city.

Cuttack: As we all are aware that the whole world including our own country and our city has been seriously heat by COVID 19 epidemic with more than 20 lacs are affected till date. In this hour of crisis CUTTACK MARWARI SAMAJ a voluntary organisation of Marwari people residing in the Cuttack City

has been providing more than 2000 packets “RICE DALMA” and “ROTI SABJI” releatiessely to the distressed people residing on the river banks for the past 25 days without any default with the help of Cuttack municipal corporation and different police station of the commissionerate police* *Manas Basti & Pradhan Basti of phase 1 thana, and Baigania bast, Siddheshwar sandhya ashram basti of phase 2 Basti area of Lalbaug Police Station, Ganga Mandir and Odia Bazar Basti area of Dargah Bazar Police Station, area of Badambadi police station and few Basti area of malgodown police station have been provided with cooked food packets of rice dalma and roti sabji*

*we thank the police personnell who have been helping us reach to the needy people of the society*
Thanking you
Raman Bagaria
Kailash sanganeria


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